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Archie’s Family Have Gone Back to Plymouth!

We are very pleased to say that after 14 months Archie’s family have returned to Plymouth, making them one step closer to home.

We are very pleased to say that the amazing Archie and his family have headed back to Plymouth after spending 14 months in our home from home! Although we’re sad to say goodbye, we are so happy for them that they are able to move that little bit closer to home and can’t wait for the day that they get to take their brave boy home for the first time!

Upon departure they donated items for other families to use as well as £500, covering 2 whole weeks for another family in need!

“We spent 14 long months in the RMH and was cared for so lovingly. Without the RMH we would not of been able to be so close to our son Archie whilst he spent his time in PICU and HDU. Jem the housekeeper is an absolute star there and deserves so much more appreciation! A HUGE thank you from all of our hearts. All our love”

We are so grateful to them for their kindness and generosity, and are so happy we were able to help keep their family close.

This comment also made housekeeper Jem’s day! We are very proud of our amazing team and Jem is another staff member who has been with us since the beginning, working tirelessly to keep our house clean and tidy and support our families.

Huge thanks once again to this amazing family! We wish you all the very best for the future.