Christmas 2020

Huge thanks to all who donated and supported our house this past Christmas!

Despite it being a difficult year for us all, you blew us away with your generosity, kindness and thoughtfulness this festive season. From household essentials and treats to donations in lieu of Christmas Cards and even gifts for our team, we are so grateful for all we received in December. We would like to say a special thank you to:

All who donated to our Christmas Appeal raising an amazing £910 and providing more than enough to cover the costs of our entire house on Christmas Day.

All who bought and sold raffle tickets, helping to make our 2020 raffle our most successful yet! An incredible £1,155 was raised, covering the cost of 3 of our bedrooms for 11 days in December.

The Bridgwater Make You Laugh Club who donated 5 full boxes of items for our house and families as well as donating £200.

The team at Martin Brower who donated £735, covering the cost of our 21 bedroom house on Boxing Day.