Corporate Support

Do you work for an organisation that might be able to help by supporting us?

Plenty of employers takes their Corporate Social Responsibility seriously and have a range of ways you can get involved. So whether you work for a small or large organisation we would love to hear from you.

Download our Corporate Partnership Pack for more ideas and information on how you can get involved, or see our A-Z of fundraising ideas to start planning your own event. Whether you start a regular zoom quiz, walk your daily commute up the stairs or donate the cost of your daily coffee, there are plenty of ways to show your support and have fun with your team.

To find out more about bespoke corporate packages and support please contact our fundraisers: Frankie or Anna or call 0117 908 1378


For more information of Charity of the Year Partnerships, Payroll Giving, Matched Giving and Event Sponsorship, see below.

Charity of the Year

Does your organisation have a charity they support each year? If so we would love to be considered for this!

This can be done one of two ways:

Employee Nomination - all you have to do is nominate us to your employer!
Application - if you're aware of an application process and would like us to be chosen, share the details with our fundraising team to get the application underway including any application forms and deadlines.

This is a unique opportunity to engage with a local charity, to make a real difference to the lives of our families, giving everyone involved a sense of personal achievement and fulfilment, as well as having fun along the way. To hear more about what your company can get out of a partnership with our charity contact our fundraising team today.

Corporate sponsorship

There are opportunities for corporate sponsorship at our events throughout the year, raising your company’s profile in the local community. Currently we have the following opportunities available:

Golf Day - 7th July 2022

20th Anniversary Dinner - 12th November 2022

Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is a scheme that can be set up by your employer which gives an ideal opportunity for staff to donate to us a regular amount each month through their salary. The scheme would be set up by your employer and allows you to directly donate from your salary before tax is deducted. If your company did choose to support us we can let you know more about this.

Match funding

Does your employer offer to match the amount of money you make whilst fundraising for a charity? This is a highly effective way to donate additional funds to us. You could double your fundraising efforts in an instant by asking your employer to match your donation or the amount you have raised! Most companies will match your donation pound for pound up to a set amount or even double match.

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Huge thanks to all those who have supported our home from home including:
 Providing raffle and auction prizes for our events



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