Fundraising From Home

In these extraordinary times it’s hard to know how you can help from home. Just like you we are starting to feel a little cooped up and have been brainstorming ideas to keep isolation interesting!

Whether you are going to take on your own at home challenge, learn a new skill or get creative, there are plenty of ways you can keep your body and mind active whilst helping to raise vital funds for our home from home.

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Prudential My Ride London

15th/16th August 2020
Been out on the bike a lot during lock down? Why not get involved and take on your own Ride whether that's 100 miles, 46 miles, 19 miles or a freestyle distance of your own! This is a great challenge whether you're a keen cyclist or looking to try something with the whole family. Take on your own ride no matter where you are and help to support our home from home during this difficult time.
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Digital Fundraising

There are so many ways today that you can help fundraise online. Below are some quick simple ways you can get started with helping our house and families without leaving your sofa!

Donate for FREE every time you shop with Easyfundraising or Amazon Smile
Donate a percentage of your earnings when you shop on Ebay 
Have a home clear out and donate to us via Ziffit and Virgin Money Giving
Got a birthday coming up? Hold a Facebook fundraiser and ask friends and family for donations in lieu of cards or gifts
Join the RMHB lottery for less than £5 a month to start your regular support all whilst being in with a chance of winning up to £25,000 a week!

3 Reasons to set Yourself a Fundraising Challenge

For family. Help support families in need to be near their loved ones whilst they’re in hospital.
For fun. Do something fun with friends and family whether virtually or with your household.
For you. Keep active or take up a new hobby to take care of your body and well being.

At Home Fundraising Ideas

5 DAY CHALLENGE Set yourself a challenge to do for five days such as 5 minutes of exercise or posting a photo a day on social media then nominate a friend each day and donate £5 for completing your challenge.
2.6 CHALLENGE Try to run for 2.6miles or try something 26 times or with 26 people (following social distancing guidelines).
SWEAR JAR Collect donations throughout the lock down and donate the contents at the end.
MAKE OVER Whether you shave all your hair off or grow an isolation moustache this is a sponsorship challenge you can still do from home with the help of an online fundraising page.
GET ACTIVE Challenge yourself and your family to get your daily exercise by doing a workout together getting family and friends to sponsor you.
CYCLE If you have a static bike why not take on that cycling challenge from the comfort of your own home?
SET UP A WEEKLY QUIZ No matter how regularly you do it, set up a Quiz using Virtual Quiz Events and get your friends and family to join in with cash prizes and a percentage donated to us.
HOLD A 50/50 RAFFLE Ask friends and family to take part with the winning name receiving 50% of the proceeds and the rest coming to us. There are online sites you can use to draw the name or number to keep it fair.
HAVE A CLEAR OUT Tackle the spring sort out and declutter, challenging you and your children to find 35 things to get rid of and donate £35. Although we cannot accept your items we suggest you donate these to another worthwhile cause with a charity shop.
TAKE ON A NEW CHALLENGE Take on that challenge you've been putting off whether it's learning a new skill or taking up a new hobby. Promise to dedicate time to it every day and ask your family to donate as a reward for your dedication.


These are just a few to get you started, there are so many ways you can get involved and help support our home from home. Got your own ideas? We'd love to hear them! Get in touch today.