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Introducing our Newest Ambassadors!

We are so happy to have these amazing women join our Ambassador team.

Karen, Wiltshire
Back in September 2008, the 18th to be exact, I gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Grace. She was born at St Michael’s hospital in Bristol, then after a few hours she was transferred to Bristol Children’s Hospital. None of this was a surprise, at our 20 week scan we were told the baby had a heart condition and would probably need surgery very soon after birth. The 19th little Grace had her op, she had an aortic stenosis repair and it went well. Now Grace had to do the hard work and get better. 

Later that day one of the midwives told me there was a phone call for me. It was Ronald McDonald House saying they had a room for me. Now at this point I’d never heard of RMH but was incredibly grateful them and the intensive care nurse who informed them of our need. I know I’d popped some coins in the collection pots by the till in McDonald’s restaurants, but never really knew what it was for. Saying that, the Bristol house is now independent, so they receive no money from McDonald’s.

RMH was an absolute godsend, staying in a hotel would of cost us £100’s, driving back and forth would have been mentally and physically draining.

After a few small hiccups, Grace was discharged after 2weeks, so we could all go home.

March 2019 saw us back at BCH. Grace needed further heart surgery. She spent two weeks in intensive care, much of which she was attached to an external pacemaker. All very scary times for us all, but RMH Bristol came up trumps for us again. Believe it or not we had the same room as 10 years before! Grace was fitted with a permanent pacemaker and after a stressful two weeks, we were allowed home. Having a place to retreat to at the end of a long day in intensive care was a godsend.


Lesley, Swindon
“9 years ago, I was in Bristol while my son Riley was in intensive care. Even though I only lived 40 minutes away, being alone, praying for my son to survive, I felt like I was million miles away, and put in to the strangest bubble and completely isolated.

I was very lucky to get to stay in the home, they really did make me feel welcome, not alone, it really is a home from home. They had food in cupboards, toiletries, everything you needed. They took the essential worries away from me, so I could be with my son.

Knowing what we raise and give to the house, is nothing to what they have done for me, in the time I needed their help. They were amazing.x”


Karen, Lesley and their families have been amazing supporters of the house over the years, helping us in so many ways. We are honoured to have rooms in the house dedicated to both Grace and Riley and can’t thank Karen and Lesley enough for all they do for us.